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The Gift


Writer & Illustrator
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Emma Lamport was born in London, but soon after, her eccentric Danish mother and Italian-English father moved her to a derelict ancient barn in the countryside. She spent her days closely studying nature, (to the point of covering herself in worms and snails) exploring the fields, trees and streams and building ambitious camps. Her best conversations were mostly had with her loyal cat, Georgie. She daydreamed constantly of being a prima ballerina and wrote and creatively illustrated stories about other fantastical realms, although her spelling was appalling! She never gave up on her wild dreams of performing and by 21 and against her parents’ sound advice, she happily began a career hosting numerous Television Shows. Progressively she found herself not just performing but writing more and more content. This accumulated to four hours of material for her weekend Radio Show; she hosted and produced in Geneva Switzerland that was part of the BBC World Service. She traveled often and never turned down an adventure, weather it was skiing in extreme wildernesses or interviewing wild sport’s personalities. She always wanted to learn more about the deep-end of life. But once home she still found herself talking with her cat (by this time it was not the same one!) She then met her soon to be husband. He was a Californian Sea Captain and Hookah Diver. This meeting changed everything. He took her to another realm she’d unknowingly longed for. The Kelp forests of the Channel Islands, a place that challenged her like never before; but equally strengthened her and left her utterly thrilled. She became a diver and a huntress. This began over a decade of living, child raising and working; starting a sustainable direct-to-the-public harvesting business, all at sea. They innovated new practices or rather inherited lost ancient ones, and often thought how her husband’s Native American ancestors would have done things, keeping conservation at the very core of each action that was needed. Their daughter was now also a keen Marine Biologist, strong and inquisitive and so by 6 months old she would always accompany them wherever they went. Every trip was an adventure and what came in between were occurrences that were truly unimaginable, sometimes very challenging but also rare and beautiful. Emma felt these stories should be shared and would often invite strangers onboard their boat and would tell them stories into the night and read to them aloud. With this and her daughter in mind; who began to read at a very early age, (she grew up without a television to distract her while at sea) Emma began to write these stories down and illustrate them. A full circle of sorts. These are the stories of their family experiences and the beautiful underwater world that’s all of ours to protect and share in for millions of years to come.

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